"All words are good words!"
Personal website of JOHN HENRY BAUMGAERTNER II aka "JohnB.
OTR trucker ret, over-the-road journalist, and editor/administrator of Bleep-Free Press.
Champion of words shared by the upper and lower classes, and scornful of Middle Class PC.


As a truck-driving, diploma-free, card-carrying member of the working class, I can honestly say, to quote Penn Jillette: "Computers kick ass!"

When I discovered the PC I found I could do some magazine work and still drive. With my  laptop riding along with me I could spell, make corrections without an eraser, chew gum, and know what side of the interstate I was on, all at the same time!
  — open-laptop laws pending....

I divide most of my time between novelist John Aalborg and our girlfriend Cheater. "She who must be obeyed" insists Aalborg's fully dramatized radio plays written in 1994/5, produced by Ralph Haynes, and aired coast-to-coast on the WLAC Nashville Network, are not to be resold. Clickable, though. Feel free.

Now that I have Bleep-Free Press in hand, Cheater says her old man John Aalborg is working on another book and went into seclusion (again). I am weary of trying to get him to agree to promote himself. I  do not have the time or patience for marketing, and could use an agent to sell the movie and international rights. Aalborg's work is exciting to read: pulp fiction crime of the highest, page-turning order.

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