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JOHN AALBORG  aka "Mo'hammer".  Writer, OTR trucker, Humanist with attitude.
John Aalborg

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Favorite rig: a Peterbilt Model 377, and Lowboy trailer As a truck-driving, diploma-free, card-carrying member of the working class, I can honestly say, to quote Penn Jillette: "Computers kick ass!"

When I discovered the PC I found I could do some magazine work and still drive. With my  laptop riding along with me I could spell, make corrections without an eraser, chew gum, and know what side of the interstate I was on, all at the same time!
  — open-laptop laws pending....

Lately I have been dividing my off-duty time between typing years of handwritten MSS to disk from cartons of notebooks filled on the road, publishing a monthly column–"Don't Ask Us"–and writing articles published by Target Media Partners in their popular magazines. The transcribing from notes includes two mainstream novels, two thrillers, and a new mystery/trucker-P.I. series based on the "Axel McKay" radio plays I wrote in 1994/5, produced by Ralph Haynes, and aired coast-to-coast on the WLAC Nashville Network.  (Note from John Baumgaertner II, Bleep-Free Press administrator: the above statement has been out-of-date for some time. Aalborg is working on another book and went into seclusion (again).
         I do not have the time or patience for marketing, and could use an agent to work on commission.

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Credits: Amazon e-books, a monthly column, a memoir excerpt, novel excerpts, and cover & feature-article pot boilers.    Early credits below
Cover by Baugmo

"LOWBOY #22"  
First in a series of trucker P.I. mystery/crime novels.
          Pulp Fiction
            Chapter 1

            Chapter 24
An old myth brought to life by rogue science!
All other eBook & mobi formats

      THE LAMBS"  

An old myth brought to life by rogue science!
          Pulp Fiction
           Chapter 1
June 2007 Cover Article

June 2007

"Trucking in India"

Cover story/article:  Exciting stuff about long-haul truckers in India.
(pages 44-50)
 May 2006 issue

May 2006

"Driving Africa"

Cover story/article:
unprotected trucking in East Africa vs trucking in the USA. (pages 42-47)
    ALL MEAT - First Edition

Large Paperback

A Redneck Meets LSD-25

The recently discovered prequel to Aalborg's Schaffner trilogy. Rare find / 60s era

Sample pages
  Gulf Coast Stories
All other mobi formats
In large paperback
Short stories illuminating the volatility of the human character in six different, literary shades of good and evil. A door to worlds normally unseen.
   Harry & Ivory (book cover)  AVAILABLE ON KINDLE
All other eBook formats
  20-year prequel to "Lowboy 22"
In rare large paperback
The murderous brother and sister team of "Lowboy #22" star as horrid but lovable teenagers while their father is besotted with...

    "DON'T ASK US!"
 (ongoing monthly column

"Tall Tales"
• "Foreign Tall Tales"   
• "Driving Without a Net"
•  "The Hourly Mile"
"LOWBOY"   excerpt::    Chapter-24 (PC version).
TC continued:
 (2006 - 2008 ) Features:

• "Middle East Longhaul"
    (Two part series)

  A chapter/excerpt from
  my book-length memoir,
• "Driving England"
       Cover article
  Early credits: (abbreviated)
First trucker story: Muglid's Path TRUCKERS NEWS
Oct '90
First place: 
Mark Twain
Essay Contest
with typewriter & carbon paper!
COSMO: A Trucker Looks at Women COSMOPOLITAN           
Jun '93
"On the Road:
A Truck Driver 
Looks at Women"

(full page-50)
author bio goes national TRUCKERS NEWS
Jul '95
"There's Power
In This Pen"

(full page-63)
Trucker views of 4-wheelers and citizens NEWSWEEK
Dec 20 '93
"The View From
the Big Road"

(full page-10)
7 years of preparation scores The Gong Show HIGHWAY HUMOR
"Ponce de Leon"
No money.
No Fountain of Youth
No nothing.
Roger-4, roller-skates NEWSWEEK
Jun 6 '94
"On the Road "
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