AN INCOMPLETE SAMPLE OF THE "AXEL McKAY" RADIO PLAYS - MP3- in (probable) order of production coast-to-coast on the WLAC Nashville Radio Network 1994-95 and sponsored by Ford and Caterpillar. Production ceased when the partnership of the two companies broke up at the time.

#1     "Life Turns on a Dime"            written by Ralph Haynes, producer.  (pilot)

#2    "Flatbed From Hell"                  written by John Aalborg

#3    "The Run to Sturgis"

#4    "Home for the Holidays"                             "

#5    "Rookie Madness"                                      "

NB:    "Cuba Landing" and "Swingin" were sold (but never produced AFAIK)

Larger, editable WAV files are available

All plays copyright 1997, 2017 John Aalborg